Discover the secrets of witches and demons and roleplay your character as you wish.


Demonheart is a visual novel in a dark fantasy world full of intrigue, deception and betrayal. The main character's personality is completely up to the player thanks to extensive dialog choices.


  • Immersive conversations with multiple choices
  • Female protagonist
  • Friendships, romances or love-hate relationships (2 male and 1 female romance options)
  • Unique dark fantasy world with its own lore
  • Intrigue and betrayal
  • Grey morality
  • Replay value


Bright is a young woman from a small, peaceful town. Dark times have come for her family, but luckily, she has the favor of the famous healer-witch Orchid. Benevolent, calm and beloved by all, Orchid hides dark secrets that Bright begins to uncover.

Bright is drawn into a world of darkness and treachery. It seems she can never be alone again - for a powerful demonic presence has taken an interest in her activities, and his voice enters her mind at the most inappropriate times.

There are also others who play a significant role in Bright's new life... Ari, a young apprentice witch seduced by bad influences. She tries to be friendly, even though she knows Bright is meant to be her enemy... or is she? And Sir Brash, a notorious evil knight who develops a soft spot for Bright, but has a rather special way of showing affection.

Custom alignment system for the main character (tactful, good, defiant, evil)


The evil knight Sir Brash flirting

Sir Brash: "Don't glare at me, cutie. Your eyes are not daggers."

Demon Raze and witch Ari at an Infernal gate

Raze: "Such humiliation, and in front of an audience! I will not forget this."

Demonheart Raze conversation demon tongue

Raze: "Ah, it seems my twisted demon tongue is wasted on you."
Player: "Your tongue would not be wasted if me met in person..."

Sir Brash and Bright kiss

Kissing Sir Brash.

Demonheart visual novel witch Ari flirting

Ari: "Orchid may be working as a healer, but she is much more. Staying with a witch is never safe."
Player: "You're concerned for me? That is so cute."

The main character killed Mark and is taunting Jasper

Jasper: "Is... is this a joke? If you're joking, Bright, it's not funny."
Player: "What, you don't like me anymore?"

Demonheart VN journal Infernal Sons demonspawn

Journal entry about the demonspawn.

Demonheart visual novel main menu shirtless demon

Demonheart chapter selection:
1 - Descension; 2 - Reverie; 3 - Deception; 4 - Inferno; 5 - Devotion.

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