The young rogue Bright has a demon heart which gives her supernatural powers. She is both blessed and cursed, for her heart makes her a target for the demonheart hunters. She must discover who is hunting her and turn the tables on them, while a certain half-demon is plotting to start the Apocalypse.

On her journey, Bright reunites with old allies and meets new allies and enemies. The trouble is, in this world it's often difficult to tell them apart.

Demonheart: Hunters puts an emphasis on player driven conversations, character interactions and romances.


  • Female protagonist
  • 85.000 words of conversations with multiple choices
  • Romances with male and female characters (1 female and 3.5 male :P)
  • Multiple endings
  • Dark fantasy humor
  • Intrigue and betrayal
  • The main character can be played as good, evil, tactful, rude and everything in between


Ari in brothel screenshot

CoR Screenshot


Sinallion: Is it true you live with a witch?

Screenshot: Gnoll

Brash screenshot: Kid goat's lair

Screenshot: option to kiss Brash

Screenshot: Commoner dialog

Screenshot: Trap in infernal lair

Screenshot: Journal

Screenshot: Raze

Screenshot: Runaway knights of Scarcewall

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