Jester / King - A new visual novel from the creator of Demonheart!


You play the amnesiac jester Madion who woke up next to the king's lifeless body. A curse has fallen upon the kingdom, annihilating almost everyone, and driving the survivors to madness. Madion is torn between seeking the truth, helping the others, and a desire to escape.

From the author of Demonheart comes a new visual novel in a similarly dark setting, dealing with themes of murder, love, trust, and deceit.


  • Story of over 90.000 words.
  • Selected lines are voiced over.
  • Choices to build, or re-build, a relationship with one of three characters: Lucille, Calix, or Edwina.
  • Collect "keys" - bits of information needed to progress the story and discover the truth.
  • The cursed kingdom is looping in time - you can use a flowchart to go back to certain choices.


You play as Madion, the jester who has lost his memories. Having been forced into a life of chaos, uncertainty and deceit, Madion starts off in a pretty bad shape, feeling conflicted, jealous and spiteful. He needs to let go of his dark thoughts and redeem himself. You can make choices for him, affecting his relationships with the other characters.

Lady Lucille was forced to live in the king's palace while he waged war on her homeland. Quiet and cunning, she adapted quickly. Lucille believes she understands Madion, and is always there to support him.

An orphan of common origins, Calix received a favorable place in the palace thanks to his good looks and charisma. Some believed he was involved with the king, but Calix's eyes were set elsewhere.

As the king's alchemist, Edwina used to follow His Majesty's every command. She is strict and slightly paranoid, with a cold exterior, but Madion sees a different side of her.


Screenshot: Feathers frozen in time

"Feathers... frozen in time."

Screenshot: Legend of the curse

Lucille: "If the king died or left this land, all the true citizens of Quilissia would die."

Screenshot: Demons


Screenshot: Calix Kiss

Calix Kiss

Screenshot: Lucille and King

Lady: "Your Majesty. I swear loyalty to Quilissia and renounce my traitor brothers!"

Screenshot: Edwina - The culprit returns

???: "Ah. The culprit returns to the crime scene."

Screenshot: Calix market flashback

??: "Hi there, Madion. Great performance!"

Screenshot: Narration - disgraceful jester

"Of course, I refused. That would be a new low... Reduced to a disgraceful jester, and performing for some street urchin!"

Screenshot: Madion - pretty boy

Madion: "I know for a fact you and I were never friends, pretty boy."

Screenshot: Choice - Why rescue the lady

Choice: Why did you want to rescue the caged lady?

Screenshot: Dion isn't defending you

Calix: "Aww, are you sad because "Dion" isn't defending you?"

Screenshot: Edwina - Amateurs

Edwina: "You are all amateurs! Do not put your fingers on anything, or you risk losing them."

Screenshot: Madion and King - Freaky face

Madion: "..."

Screenshot: Locked choice - Stay asleep

Choice: Stay asleep + Locked

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