Jester / King - A new visual novel from the creator of Demonheart!


The jester Madion wakes up next to the king's lifeless body. A curse has struck down every true citizen of the kingdom. Yet, there are still survivors. Four allies and romance options are equally suspicious. What is more important - escaping the cursed kingdom or discovering the truth? Your choices shape the present and the past.

Playing as Madion, you can build a relationship with one of four characters (2 female and 2 male), or no one, if you prefer. Discover what happened, gather the survivors, and escape the cursed kingdom.


Madion has lost his memories, but is slowly recovering them. You can make choices about his feelings toward the other characters, influencing the present and revealing different versions of the past.

Lady Lucille was forced to live in the king's palace while he waged war on her homeland. Quiet and cunning, she adapted quickly. Lucille believes she understands Madion, and is always there to support him.

An orphan of common origins, Calix received a favorable place in the palace thanks to his good looks and charisma. Some believed he was involved with the king, but Calix's eyes were set elsewhere.

As the king's alchemist, Edwina used to follow His Majesty's every command. She is strict and slightly paranoid, with a cold exterior, but Madion sees a different side of her.

Zeno seems like a straightforward smuggler. He even warns Madion not to trust him. But when the curse strikes the kingdom, he is more reliable than most.


Screenshot: The culprit returns to the crime scene

???: "Ah. The culprit returns to the crime scene."

Screenshot: Calix

Calix: "Don't tell me you'd rather spend time with Lucille... or Edwina.

Screenshot: 'Get out of my head'

Madion: "Get out of my head! You don't exist! Leave me alone!"

Screenshot: Execution notice

Notice: "Lady Lucille's execution - today at noon"

Screenshot: The one who killed the king

"The one who killed King Damian... killed everyone..."

Screenshot: Answer game

Word Game: "The person I trust is..."

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